Renaissance audio specialist with emphases on creativity and attention to detail. Based out of Los Angeles with a decade of professional audio experience, ranging from post production sound editing/design to live sound engineering/mixing to trailer music composition. Adept at problem solving, multi-tasking, and high pressure decision making, due to years of experience mixing at the Troubadour and running large format theatrical productions for Universal Studios. Experience with digital consoles (Avid, DigiCo, Midas) and various analog consoles. Proficient with Pro Tools (and other DAWs) and industry standard plugins needed for in-the-box sound editing and mixing (iZotope, Waves, etc.). Good ear/eye for the meticulous complexities of dialogue editing and ADR. Inspired dedication to creativity and storytelling with high quality sound design. Strong, innate sense of musicality, rhythm, and feel. Motivated self-starter with a passion for sound and its relationship to consciousness and the human experience.